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Technical Specification

Polymer Astm. Designation (D1418) Dura meter Range Abrasion Resistance Temp. Range Compression Set Advantages
Nitrile NBR 40-900A Excellent -400F to 2500F Good Oil Resistance to 2500 F
Neoprene CR 40-900A Good -400F to 2300F Good Ozone & oil resistance & heat Resistance
Styrene butadiene SBR 35-900A Excellent -650F to 2250F Good Heat resistance & ozone Resistance
Viton FKM 60-900A Good -1300F to 4500F Excellent Resistance to dry heat & oil
Silicon SI 30-850A Poor -1200F to 4500F Excellent Food grade & good electric Properties
EPDM EPR 35-900A Good -400F to 3000F Good Ozone Resistance
Natural Polyisoprene NR 30-950A Excellent -650F to 1800F Good High Resistance